Organic European Facial w/ Exfoliation

Customized facial treatment designed to help maintain a healthy complexion by incorporating European methods to gently exfoliate and deep cleanse your skin. Using a melody of nature’s best: grapefruit, aloe vera or honey extract cleanses the skin while a gentle exfoliation brings instant radiance to the skin. Thereafter, a customized ampoule, a relaxing facial massage and mask treatment will rejuvenate and illuminate your complexion.

60 min | $90

Organic Brightening Treatment 

An intensive professional treatment combining intensive alpha and beta hydroxyl acids delivered in combination with Organic Brightening Serum with pure vitamin C to actively boost collagen production, neutralize free radicals, slow destructive enzyme activity and give brightness to the skin - resulting in radiant, energized skin.

60 min | $75

Organic Secrets Facial Treatment 

Experience the soft caressing feel of our cleanser, the satiny smooth touch of our facial massage cream or the “angora-like” texture of our anti-wrinkle serum. It is as if we wrapped your skin in velvet, silk and cashmere. Your skin is reborn and transformed with a new radiance.

75 min | $90

Organic Flash Beauté

UV exposure, stress and pollutants can often lead to premature aging of the skin. This treatment incorporates anti-oxidant multi-vitamins together with concentrated essences of orange, mandarin and lemon, and is the ideal antidote for tired, stressed skin. 

45 min | $55