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Acne Serum

(9 customer reviews)

This Acne Serum will not clog pores, as our exclusive Nastran’s Beauty extract is highly beneficial for breakouts and acne prone skin.


Acne Serum



This Acne Serum will not clog pores, as our exclusive Nastran’s Beauty extract is highly beneficial for breakouts and acne prone skin.

Main Ingredients:

Nastran’s Beauty Extract™, Arnica Montana, Bearberry Extract, Hempseed Extract, Willow Bark Extract

Enjoy Our “Nastran Skin Care” Beauty Promise; keeping beauty clean by using products to create skin care that is actually good for you.

9 reviews for Acne Serum

  1. Caitlin

    I have been using this product for a few months now, it was recommended to me by my beauty therapist after having a few specialists facials to eradicate adult breakouts. After years of having problematic skin and seeing dermatologists for cystic acne this product has been Amazing! I can honestly say that for me it has changed my life and can’t live without it. It helps to stop the breakouts in the first place plus stop any spots getting any worse almost over night! I cannot rave about this enough…

  2. Natalia SH.

    I had been using Proactiv for about a decade and the damage that has been done to my skin is terrible. It’s like I’ve thrown money in the trash all these years. However, coming across this serum has changed my life! I have combination skin; an oily T-zone and dry patches, but this serum feels amazing. It doesn’t feel super oily which is great since I do have that oily T-zone area and it soothes my dry areas incredibly. If you’re like me who has done so much research, tried all these items, stop searching because this is it.

  3. Julia Corranza

    I have really dry skin and eczema and have started to develop adult acne. This stuff has been able to clear my skin as well as not drying out my skin or flaring up my eczema. I would recommend this product for anyone who has sensitive skin and mild acne!

  4. Shade Jamali

    I use this product mostly at night when I notice I’m getting a breakout. By the morning the bumps have calmed down and I love this this clears my skin without the irritation I would usually get from strong acne clearing products. I love it sooo much and refer it to everyone who suffers from acne!

  5. Shelby Costa

    I use this morning and evening before my MSE 6.5 – it’s been so good for my skin. I had a period of adult acne and this not only keeps my breakouts at bay but has also been amazing in evening my skin tone and fading old scarring.

  6. Megan Corey

    I started using this product around a month ago and my skin has never looked clearer, my spots are disappearing but it doesn’t dry out my skin as many other spot treatments do. Would 100% recommend. I will be repurchasing when I finish this bottle.

  7. Helena L.

    Has helped manage my mild adult acne and pigmentation leftover from it. Saves a couple steps in my regimen now that I don’t have time for my 15 steps I used to love to do! Easy to apply and smells great.

  8. Sophia Shull

    I have oily and congested skin. I love this product. Works great, cleared breakouts. Will buy again.

  9. Kaila Church

    this is my go to product!! I use every morning and night without fail, it makes me feel so fresh and bright.

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Current science suggests that long-term, chronic inflammation is a root cause of premature skin aging.



Inflammation is skin’s natural response to outside stressors. Think UV rays, free radicals, and pollution. Repeat bouts can lead to the break-down of collagen and the formation of lines, sagging and uneven tone.


All natural

Because it matters. At Nastran Skin Care, we unlock the energy of all natural ingredients used in each creation process.