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Organic Tinted Sunscreen SPF 55+


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Product Description

Long Lasting UVA/UVB Mineral-Based protection- sheer, Hydrating veil infused with antioxidant- Reef-safe and chemical-free sunscreen.

Main Ingredients:

Nastran’s Beauty Extract™, Colloidal Gold Aqua, Zinc Oxide, Pearl Powder

Enjoy Our “Nastran Skin Care” Beauty Promise; keeping beauty clean by using products to create skin care that is actually good for you.

20 reviews for Organic Tinted Sunscreen SPF 55+

  1. Isabella Davis

    Absolutely fabulous. It’s expensive and only use on my face, but the advantages are amazing: lightly tinted to supposedly help you apply evenly…which it does …. but it gives almost a flawless coverage to your face and you look better than ever. Now for the best: most if not all suntan lotions eventually drip into your eyes and it stings and doesn’t go away till you wash it off. This one doesn’t drip and you can do any kind of intensive sports and never fear the dreaded stinging. I’d give this 10 stars if I could.

  2. Miss Liz

    Has a slight tint to it so it doesn’t go on white or pasty. Have not burned while using this on a daily basis. Works very well under makeup. feels like an expensive primer. I can even use this by itself. Isn’t greasy at all. Will continue to use and buy

  3. Rebecca K.

    I love this product. It’s an almost-paste consistency that spreads easily over the face to blur out fine lines and camouflage pores. I wear it every day under my makeup like a primer. The slight tint works with my skin tone (medium-light caucasian) and provides great sun protection.

  4. Stella Sanchez

    I wasn’t very good about wearing sunscreen, despite living on the beach. I haaaaate the feeling of greasy, sticky anything on my face and found that only ineffective sunblocks felt tolerable. But if they’re ineffective, than what’s the point, right? But Nastran Skin Care changed all of that for me! It is not only not greasy, its so light on my skin I almost can’t even tell I’m wearing anything. A little goes such a long way and it blends in easily even making your pores look slightly smoother. I love how it looks so much I often skip foundation completely and only wear the sunscreen now!

  5. Hazel Harris

    It has taken me so long to find a sunscreen that does not contain harmful chemicals and leaves a matte finish! This sunscreen does not make me break out and works like a BB cream. I have naturally very oily skin and my skin actually looks better with it on.

  6. Leah Clark

    I LOVE THIS STUFF. It has this amazing velvet matte finish – I use this instead of makeup primer now because this works soooo much better for that non-intended purpose as well. It is also great to wear alone and sweat wicks right off of it. Great for outdoor activities especially during the summer.

  7. Ellie Perez

    If you are looking for a tinted sunscreen that works this is it. I have a second home in FL and work diligently to protect my fair skin when biking, walking and boating. Recommended by my plastic surgeon.

  8. Walter C.

    Love, love, love this stuff!!! Goes on light and smooth and protects from the sun all day, even in water – although it is always smart to reapply. I have tried both the tinted and un-tinted versions and recommend getting the tinted. The white (clear?) version can leave you with a slight white shimmer on your face especially if you are of a darker complexion .

  9. Lillian White

    I love this sunscreen and use it almost every day. The tint doesn’t add a lot of coverage/color, but it provides a nice blurring effect and helps to even out skin tone. It looks really natural on the skin, and doesn’t leave it feeling too matte or too dewy. I use it on its own, or as a primer for makeup. When I don’t have any blemishes, I can use it alone as a foundation. It also works well to mix in with a cream foundation if you do want extra coverage.

  10. Aubrey L.

    I use this every day. I like the matte finish so it doesn’t look oily. It goes right in and never looks like makeup. Love the tint. My dermatologist told me not to go outside (even on a rainy day) without this on my face. I’ve had skin cancer twice on my face and once on the top of my head.

  11. Hannah Lee

    Love the way this product goes on so smoothly and the tint disappears immediately into my pale white skin! My dermatologist recommends it as it’s a mineral block without the dangerous chemicals that goes on as smoothly as make up. I’ve worn it to the pool and playing golf and gotten zero sunburn. Regarding moisture, I think a light moisturizer needs to be applied prior. An A+ product I’ve been looking for for years !

  12. Zoe Martin

    I have combination, acne-prone skin with a VERY oily t-zone. I use this sunscreen daily all over my face, followed by some concealer in areas where I’d like more coverage. I wrap it up with a mattifying setting spray and I’m good to go with a natural, lightweight finish that lasts all day! NO foundation needed!!! 😱😱😱 I’ve been searching for a product like this for FOREVER and I’m absolutely thrilled to have found it.

  13. Maria C.

    One of the best sunscreens I’ve ever used!!!!! Makes my skin very smooth and I dont feel that I have something on my skin. You get what you paid for. Worth every penny!!! And I wear it under my make up. My foundation sits very smoothly on my skin and it doesn’t make my skin some due to mate finish off the sunscreen.

  14. karla Sanchez

    This is the best face sunscreen ever! It’s tinted, so it won’t make your face ghostly white, it blends in so smoothly, my face feels super soft after applying. It isn’t oily or sticky, it blends in beautifully. There is no odor or heavy feel, my skin feels smooth and soft without any of the usual negatives that sunscreen has. Hands down the best mineral face sunscreen I have ever used (I’m a fair skinned redhead and live in sunscreen, so I have tried tons!)

  15. Savannah CH.

    I have extremely sensitive skin and this doesn’t burn, itch or irritate me at all. Very soft. Apparently, florescent lighting is just as bad for your skin as the sun (I have no idea if this is true or not but it scared me!) so I wear this every day. It is a little pricey, but you don’t need very much each morning and I am nowhere close to running out after weeks of use every day. I have noticed smoother skin after weeks of wear. no cons. Great product. I recommend to everyone.

  16. Addison Thompson

    I tested out several tinted sunscreens and this one has been my favorite that I’ve been using for over a year. It’s a unique texture, it feels soft and velvety. Not shiny, not greasy, not sticky, no bad smell, no irritation, fragrance free, skin feels comfortable and moist. I have very fair sensitive acne prone skin, does not make me break out. The color is too dark for my fair skin but I use banana boat simply protect for kids or baby and mix them together to create my perfect spf for my face and neck. I prefer mineral sunscreens which can be really white even on fair skin so the Combo of both looks good. I don’t wear foundation or concealer, just this.

  17. Violet Taylor

    I really do like this sunblock it gives you a bit of tint great for those days you want to go minimal. It also does well as a primer under your makeup …I have sensitive skin and was breaking out this sunblock worked great with my current issues. it seems to blend perfectly into your skin.

  18. Zoey K.

    I love it. It is silky smooth, protects and has a hint of color. It can be worn under makeup and you don’t know it is there. Once you try it, you will never use anything else! Worth every penny.

  19. Debbie K.

    I cannot get enough of this, it feels amazing! I just wished I would received it in 2 days instead of 5 days. I love the tone and how it match my skin tone.

  20. Mah Henderson

    This is the only sunscreen that I have been using since 2016 and I just cannot use any other one. I used other products when I ran out however it’s different and my face
    used to this. It sits just perfect on my face and it looks like I don’t have anything on. It does not leave any residue on my face. I really love this.

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