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Ultimate Day/Night Moisturizer MSE #6.5

Our MSE #6.5 is an advanced hydrating moisturizer infused with a maximum amount of the best anti-aging organic vitamins and nutrients to repair dry skin; Reduces the look of redness, puffiness, dark circles, bags, fine lines, wrinkles and aging.


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Product Description

Nastran Skin Care created the ultimate moisturizer for DAY & NIGHT to help smooth & hydrate the skin which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, crows feet, wrinkles & aging. Our lightweight yet hydrating moisturizer MSE #6.5 is perfect as a makeup base as well, as skin’s nightly nutrition boost. Made with organic and natural ingredients which are chock-full of antioxidants to fight environmental factors & everyday stress. Nastran Skin Care’s face cream uses the highest possible quality of safe and highly effective ingredients. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and effective for all skin types.

Nastran Skin Care provides skincare that meets the Whole Foods Premium Standards for Personal Care Products. Our formulations include raw materials that are kosher, vegan, biodegradable and we use organic ingredients whenever possible. MADE IN THE USA.

Our MSE #6.5 is infused with date seed extract, kelp, dragon fruit and diamond dust.

▪️ Harness the healing power of Mother Nature with the science behind the latest technology – Nastran Skin Care sources the most effective, naturally derived ingredients for a face and neck wrinkle treatment – Our MSE #6.5 is an advanced hydrating moisturizer infused with a maximum amount of the best anti-aging organic vitamins and nutrients to repair dry skin; Reduces the look of redness, puffiness, dark circles, bags, fine lines, wrinkles and aging.

▪️ When it comes to firming, tightening & brightening the key is hydration and nutrients; Our moisturizer for men and women is infused with date seed extract, kelp, dragon fruit and diamond dust.; Gently hydrates and won’t clog pores or cause acne and is perfect for sensitive skin

▪️ We use only the most effective and highest quality ingredients; Packed with nature’s miracle workers it’s the perfect “under your makeup” wrinkle cream; Our non-greasy cream yet very hydrating cream will help your makeup will go on smoother and your foundation more flawless; Our vitamin enriched face lotion can be used as a Day and Night as a hydrating primer and pore minimizer

▪️ Made in the USA and sourced with the highest quality ingredients that are derived right here in the USA; No harmful PEGs, parabens, sulfates, harsh chemicals or preservatives which do more damage to the skin than help; The AIRLESS PUMP feature helps increase shelf life up to 15% by preventing excessive exposure to air and bacteria which is important for natural and organic skincare cream, serum, gel, lotion and all moisturizers which are free of harmful chemical preservatives

▪️ Our Ultra Nourishing Day & Night Cream was formulated to be the solution you need to lift and brighten your complexion

Enjoy Our “Nastran Skin Care” Beauty Promise; keeping beauty clean by using products to create skin care that is actually good for you.

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Weight 1 oz

30 reviews for Ultimate Day/Night Moisturizer MSE #6.5

  1. Gabby H.

    The perfect moisturizer! I use it as a makeup primer, and put it on after I use the Brightening Scrub every night before bed. Numerous comments about how good my skin looks from friends and family shortly after I started using Nastran’s products! MSE #6.5 is awesome!

  2. Sandra. C

    Oh baby! I love this stuff!
    I love this stuff! My skin looks better and better when I really faithfully use beauty counter and this is my new fav!

  3. Caroline S.

    YES YES YES!It has only been a couple of weeks and this cream is already transforming my skin. Not only it is helping to smooth out my skin but it gives me the perfect glow, renewing my skin every night!

  4. Alivia S.

    So rich! A thick, silky cream that leaves my skin so soft and feeling nourished. Love this!

  5. Diana Kambanis

    This moisturizer is amazing, leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed without being oily or shiny!

  6. Nikki M.

    I use this Moisturizer and serum and Eye cream (MSE) day and night . My skin is much more hydrated, firmer and more lifted. It re-sculpt my facial contours. I have a super busy schedule and the fact that I have to only use this simply it is a relief. I look really younger!!!!

  7. Debra Ch.

    I bought the Secret 19 Serum along with the MSE 6.5 and I must say, I am impressed! I am 50 years old and my face started changing shape which I did not like!!! Since I’ve started using these products, my natural shape face is returning and I’m starting to look like “me” again! Yea!!


    This works!

    For years, I’ve purchased skin care products and have tried a dozen or more eye creams. This is HANDS DOWN the best all in one Moisturizer Serum and eye-cream I’ve ever used. I had started to become skeptical, but need help in this area and decided to “invest”. Guess what? One weeks in , I see a very noticeable different! Wow!

  9. Amy Hung

    This moisturizer is amazing! After only one use, I noticed a change in my skin. It felt so incredibly smooth and soft!

  10. Christopher Johson

    In my honest opinion i really enjoyed this moisturizer. It made my skin actually feel soft. Ive noticed all the skin creams out there claim to soften your skin but with little to no results. That wasnt the case here, its something i would recommend to friends and family.

  11. Bianca Raubitschek

    I found that it made my skin really soft after i used it. Also the days that i was using it i noticed that my redness wasn’t as flared as it usually is. I just wish it was more affordable.

  12. Crystal Smith

    This cream is so awesome!! Very lightweight but provides my dry skin with the ultimate moisture. I wish I could swim in this stuff!!

  13. Sherry Wiley

    This is the best and softest cream. Period. It lives up to its hype. I would definitely purchase this product again.

  14. Renae Waldsmith

    Omg! I’ve been dying to try this product. It always appears on my must have beauty lists!!!! I’m so glad I got this MSE because I’m in love. My skin has never felt so silky. I was glowing from sun up to sun down. And I didn’t need much for my combo skin. A few dabs and my face was moisturized for the day. I love it!!!!!

  15. Tatiana Brutski

    This moisturizer feels wonderful on my skin. The texture is unique and luxurious. I look like I’m glowing when I use it. Heaven in a jar! Definitely recommend it. 🙂

  16. Sean Smith

    This moisturizer is amazing! After only one use, I noticed a change in my skin. It felt so incredibly smooth and rejuvenated!

  17. Jan Hyland

    The perfect all-in-one day cream, night cream, eye cream, neck and decollate cream! Most amazing moisturizer I have ever used (I’m 71, so that says alot!). I use every morning and night after using the Facial Cleanser or Brightening Scrub Mask and my skin looks ten years younger!

  18. Sophia Corranza

    Very effective!
    I’ve been using this product about 2 years. Very effective and I’ll continue using this product!

  19. Lily ka

    Makes me look radiant!
    After just one use my skin looks softer and radiant.

  20. July Ka.

    The feel on my skin is fabulous!
    I have been using this cream for over a year. The feel on my skin when I apply it makes me feel so pampered. It feels like butting soft butter on my skin. Not greasy though, it just seems to penetrate deeply into my skin. It seems to go along way. I think the layering of products helps.

  21. Pahm Tran

    Absolutely Fabulous! One of the few creams where I can see an Improvement. Pure luxury!

  22. Luis19

    This MSE really is the best of the best and makes my skin look so healthy and beautiful. Highly recommended!

  23. Dawn Lawson

    I have been using this cream for more than 4 years. My skin feels hydrated and bright. I occasionally have acnes, it heals faster if I cover it with this cream.

  24. Steve Wilson

    Ultra-hydrating! The first time I used this product, I loved it immediately. Your skin drinks in this moisturizing lotion overnight. You wake up with a health glow and supple, soft skin.

  25. Samantha Miller

    Improved texture and firmness!
    Just finishing the new formulation of MSE 6.5. After night three, I started seeing more refined, firmer, and calmer looking skin. A little goes a long way. Will definitely think of buying this cream again.

  26. Sandy Rice

    I have been using this serum for a number of years.I use it before my daytime moisturizer.My skin feels soft but not greasy oily.It feels full of moisture.

  27. Laura Cipriani

    I love this. I wasn’t sure if it would actually help but it does and I will keep using.

  28. Sharareh Kamali

    I have used the MSE for a year. And i love this serum. I use it as my all Moisturized, Serum, Eyecream…. So easy…My skim is smooth, firmer and my wrinkles are less noticeable. This serum feels like silk and my make up looks better. i look younger.

  29. Jannette K.

    If you try this serum you will be hooked! It smells wonderful and makes my face feel like velvet! I absolutely love it. I put it on my face but I like that it targets the neck for firming/lifting as I have a tiny bit of light wrinkles there so I plan to keep using it to keep that from getting worse….preventative maintenance:)

  30. Sean Salmon

    Love love it! Simply it worth every penny. I have been using this over 2.5 years and my skin is not aging at all. I love the fact that I need just this cream instead of all the moisturizer, serum and eye cream.

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